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About Me

The first project I ever "officially" wrote was a play about Cleopatra entirely in Crayola marker.

It was absolutely terrible, and included the Outback Steakhouse theme song for some reason. So, of course, we performed it at summer camp and I forced my three-year-old brother to play Caesar.

Rewritten history: Instead of getting stabbed in a theater, Caesar was crying in a corner from stage fright.

Don't worry, my brother turned out fine.

A few years later, I started writing songs, and I only expanded from there to double majoring in English and anthropology at SIUC and graduating with high honors.

Having ADHD, I like to dabble in about every type of writing and genre, but I'm passionate about speculative fiction and disability rights.

When it comes to social justice, I write through an anthropological or historical lens instead of presenting issues without evaluation. I strongly believe injustice stems from dehumanizing rhetoric that needs to be unpacked and evaluated critically.

I'm also a bird mom, shower singer, gamer, and neurodivergent rubber band ball. Talk to me on Twitter or email me at!

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