The Shredder

Copy of Copy of Winslow Movie

When considering what types of services I wanted to offer, I asked myself what editing services I would offer myself. The Shredder (c) is my answer to that question. It is primarily an editing service, but it is merged with consulting. 

The difference between my consulting services and The Shredder is I focused The Shredder on clean-up more than writing improvement. When you have a deadline looming, practice takes a backseat. 

The Shredder is right for you if you have an urgent deadline coming up and you have an unsalvageable mess we writers often overthink ourselves into. 

The Shredder is an emergency button for when you need immediate help. If you have thought yourself into a mess but you do not have an urgent deadline, I recommend The Shredder Lite so you can get the best value.

Includes Services:


    Beta Reading, Developmental, Proofreading, Fact-Checking, Editorial Assessment, Line Editing, Sensitivity Reading, Formatting


    Project Consulting, 5 Copyedits