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Ethics Statement

Words are powerful and underestimated, as is being responsible for someone else's files. When deciding to become a freelancer, I knew I'd have tons of opportunities, but I also take my role as a writer/editor seriously. Since I've been little, I've had an abnormally firm sense and value of fairness and kindness. And because of that, I want to take my site a step further and offer an ethics statement.

When I accept a project, I accept confidentiality and security. All files are stored within individual client files. I will not share any work submitted to me unless that is part of the project. I will not redistribute for profit or pass any ideas off as my own. I'm always thankful when someone trusts me with their writing, and the last thing I want to do is breach that trust. 

I refuse to do any work that may be harmful to myself, the client, and/or others.  

This includes, but is not limited to:

I. Hate Speech and Literature

    a. I am not a neutral freelancer. I support trans rights, Black Lives Matter, Disability Rights, sex worker rights, unhoused rights, etc. I don't want my effort or name put on any efforts that will put as much as a minuscule dent to hinder basic human rights.

    b. If I have a sense that a project is harmful to a group of people, I won't accept the work or I will offer a refund once I realize. I'm willing to write or edit works about hate speech and marginalized/oppressed identity, but I will refuse to work, at any price, on anything that promotes white supremacy, "gender critical" speech, and/or discrimination of any kind.

        i. This includes texts in support of laws or structures with known ties to disenfranchisement. (i.e., anti-littering laws, laws that make it harder for people in positions of power to get away with crime or harm to others, and union-busting literature.)

        ii. This includes any content that directly or indirectly promotes eugenics.

    c. I will drop any client, regardless of relationship, if I discover they promote hate speech or support any hate groups. I will not drop a client if I find out they were once in a hate group, but left and no longer support it. Everyone can change.

II. Spreading Misinformation

    a. Satire is the exception to the below. 

    b. I won't spread any scientific or otherwise misinformation such as anti-evolution, climate change denial, COVID conspiracy theories (including anti-mask content), anti-vax, etc.

    c. I will drop any client, regardless of relationship, if I find out they are heavily involved with knowingly spreading misinformation.

III. Plagiarism 

    a. I won't write school papers for anyone.. I will help with them, but I won't write them.

This list is subject to change at my discretion.​



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