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Event Horizon

You’ll run and run, and die on deck. Cause doesn’t always precede effect.

In the year 2038, a team of astronauts are going to travel 5 years to reach the outer expanses of our solar system before returning.

They will be the first humans to go anywhere near a black hole.

BH-2020's existence was theorized in its name year, and proven a few years later. It is the size of a softball, and controls the movements of the Kuiper Belt.

Kirsten is the Co-Commander of the Asphodel spacecraft and only wants to get the data and go back to her wife and son.

But BH-2020 has other plans.

Event Horizon uses our current knowledge of astrophysics to weave together a horror story where right is left, future is past, and cause no longer precedes effect.

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