3/19/2021 - Housekeeping

My brain is on an article writing strike so I've decided to work on the site instead.

I haven't shut down Substack yet, but if anyone does sign up for it, I'll immediately transfer you over to my new email list. Anyone who signs up while I'm figuring this out gets my premium newsletters completely free forever.

The site's mobile version is laughably bad yet. Be patient with me. I'm working on it. I'm getting used to Wix right now.

I'm having way too much fun designing the site...


I want to release Neurodiverse History Part II next week. I bought a gigantic book on the person I'm covering and I've barely started.

I'm also considering releasing a serial novel, so stay tuned. ;)

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The mobile version of the site is still super weird, especially on tablets. I'm planning on working on it this week. For now, I recommend viewing the site on desktop.

I'm still working on putting this together. Be patient with me!