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Are You Ready to Get Serious About your writing?

"Writers don't learn to write. They                 write to learn."

- Alexa

Consulting Services

All consulting sessions are 60-90 minutes, although I'm open to quick 30-minute sessions.

A consultation is 30 minutes and FREE.

After working as an editor, it became clear I enjoyed helping clients improve and learn. And I had a knack for it! So, I started my writing consulting program. Writing consulting is building in popularity in the COVID era because it requires no contact, and it is easily accessible. Upwork and Fiverr don't even offer Writing Consulting as categories yet! But I see posts from writers all the time who ask for this type of service without really knowing what it is called or where to go.

I offer two intensive programs detailed below, but I also encourage you to let me know how I can help. Be it a 1x1 session on how the heck to use Scrivener or just a workshop or brainstorming session. I can also be a "body double" so you don't procrastinate on your next writing session! Whatever you need, let me know. 

My programs are meant to empower clients by providing something concrete to ask for. As we progress, I follow my client's lead.

I'm right for you if:

1. You want to improve your writing and will accept feedback. Both positive and critical. But you recognize that you make the final decision on your work and that you have the right to disregard some of my feedback.

2. You learn well with 1x1 attention.

3. You believe reading is as important as writing if you want to get better.

4. You aren't looking for a teacher to lecture you, but an expert to collaborate with. You don't want someone to be an authority figure, but someone who meets you where you're at.

5. You have clear goals you want to set. But you also recognize that it takes time.

6. You recognize that this is an investment both in finance and time. 

7. You have ADHD or another neurodevelopmental disorder and/or a learning disability, and you haven't found a consultant who is understanding or willing to make accommodations. (PS: I'm autistic and have ADHD!) 

8. You need someone who is culturally and emotionally sensitive and won't try to make you confront your trauma for art or push toxic optimism in your face. (i.e., "The only disability is a bad attitude." -cringe-) If I did something that made you uncomfortable or was unintentionally micro-aggressive, I will listen if you tell me, but you are also free to cancel our consulting relationship without telling me why.).

9. You want to learn from someone who is professionally educated as a writer but doesn't require an entire degree to learn from.

I'm NOT right for you if:

1. You are defensive when given feedback or you want someone to only give your writing praise. You've decided your writing is perfect and ironclad and brilliant, and anyone who suggests otherwise is wrong.

1.5. You're never willing to question my feedback. I think staying humble is just as important as believing in what makes your work yours. 

2. You want someone else to do the thinking and writing for you.

3. You don't read. 

4. You are looking for a teacher or life coach. Not a mentor or collaborator.

5. You aren't willing to set milestones or work towards something.

6. You're looking for someone to edit your work and not work 1x1 with you. For that, look at my editing page.

7. You've heard writing is easy money and you want to learn quick tricks. There's nothing wrong with doing it for money, but there are definitely easier ways to do it.

8. You expect me to work for free.

9. You take pride in being "politically incorrect" and refer to people who call you in as "snowflakes." You like playing Devil's Advocate.

10. You don't write.


Writing Therapy


My consulting/coaching sessions are 60-90 minutes. I take a holistic approach to your writing. Not only focusing on the quality of your work, but the efficiency of your practice strategy.

We'll discuss the thoughts you have about your writing, including self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and what your writing means to you. I call it writing therapy because I'm one of the only writing consultants who recognizes that writing is an emotional process. (I do not replace a traditional therapist.)

We'll analyze books from multiple angles and discuss how they're crafted.

This program is perfect for aspiring authors, students, and professionals in writing-heavy careers.  

Project Development


Like my Writing Therapy program, my Project Development program is meant to be long-term and last for the duration of a project's development.

This is a program that would be brilliant for writers with ADHD (like me) or other executive function disorders that having an accountability coach is often helpful for. And unlike other programs, I come at accountability with compassion and empowerment instead of shame. 

So you want to finally write your novel after starting it so many times? I'm the person to come to. I make sure you stay excited and motivated to write. You'll have your draft done before you know it.

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